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UPVC & Double Glazing Services in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Welcome to Sparrow Locksmiths, your trusted provider of UPVC & Double Glazing services in Northampton and surrounding areas. We specialise in ensuring the security and efficiency of your residential or commercial property through our expert UPVC and double-glazing solutions.

UPVC doors and windows are gradually replacing traditional timber windows. You can find them installed not only in office buildings, block of flats and business apartments, but also in cottages and private houses. This happens because UPVC has a number of advantages over wooden materials: it is customizable (can be of any size and shape), provides high level of security (in combination with modern locks and locking mechanisms), it is energy efficient, provides good sound insulation, durability and low maintenance.

But like any other material, UPVC locks and mechanisms tend to wear out with time. Doors and windows require regular maintenance or sometimes one may need to replace the locking system with a new one.

Most typical problems for UPVC locks include: UPVC broken mechanisms, upvc door may stuck, handles become loose or broken, the door catches on the frame, a window lock is jammed, a key snapped in the lock, UPVC door is not closing etc.

But these issues can be easily handled by a UPVC locksmith. No need to call a UPVC company and wait for long weeks until they replace the whole frame for you – your local residential locksmith can easily handle with this job.

Sparrow locksmith is a team of UPVC professionals who can easily copy with most common problems for UPVC door locks and window locks and can deliver fast help to any place in Northampton or in areas around Midlands. 

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing windows and doors or need professional installation for a new property, Sparrow Locksmiths is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our UPVC and double-glazing services or to schedule a consultation with one of our experts. Let us enhance the security, efficiency, and beauty of your property with our premium UPVC and double-glazing solutions.

Our UPVC services include:

  • uPVC door locks repair and maintenance;
  • UPVC Door closing mechanisms repair and fitting;
  • Double Glazing locks repair and fitting
  • Composite door lock repair and fitting;
  • UPVC euro cylinders supply and fitting;
  • Offset door handles replacement;
  • Replace UPVC door handles;
  • UPVC window repair Northampton;
  • UPVC window hardware repair and fitting;
  • UPVC LOCK maintenance;
  • UPVC window handles repair and replacements;
  • Yale locks for composite doors supply and fitting;
  • UPVC window mechanisms refurbishing;
  • UPVC lock upgrades
All Services - Sparrow Locksmiths - Northampton, Wellingborough, Rushden, Milton Keynes
All Services - Sparrow Locksmiths - Northampton, Wellingborough, Rushden, Milton Keynes

Contact a UPVC specialist now:

Your UPVC window has become stiff and shows problems when you try to open it? A window handle has become too loose, the door lock does not close properly, hinges and latches have loosen through excessive use?

This is the right job for a UPVC technical. At Sparrow Locksmiths we offer full spectrum of UPVC maintenance and repair services:

  • Change and repair locks on UPVC doors & windows;
  • UPVC gearbox refurbishing, repair and replacement;
  • UPVC hardware maintenance;
  • UPVC door security;
  • Realign doors and windows;
  • Adjust UPVC hinges;
  • Replacing euro cylinders, oval cylinders, Yale locks for composite doors;
  • Double-glasing lock repair and replacement;
  • Repair and replace handles on UPVC doors and windows;
  • Installing new locks and multi-locking systems.

If your UPVC door uses some rare model of a locking mechanism, our professional locksmiths will be able to offer and install an appropriate replacement: we always carry with us a wide selection of different locks and gearboxes that can fit doors and windows of practically any kind.

If you are in a hurry but your UPVC door is not closing – you can call an emergency locksmith and be sure that you will see our technician at your doorstep in 30 mins.

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    Quality UPVC lock repairs are also delivered to the following areas:

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    UPVC Locksmith FAQ

    Yes, there is no problem with changing a lock in a UPVC doors. 

    In most cases, you do not need to change the lock itself, but just replace the lock barrel with a new one, which is a matter of a few minutes only.


    Yes, at Sparrow Locksmiths we deal with repairing and replacing locks for UPVC windows. 

    Two main types of locks are used in double-glazed windows: gearboxes and full-length locks. 

    Our skilled professionals can replace failing gearboxes and even install new window locks if necessary. We have a good collection of window hardware and mechanisms in stock, so can provide a quick installation within the same day. 

    Yes, Sparrow locksmiths can replace and fit new latches on UPVC windows and adjust old latches.

    There could be many reasons for that: 

    • your hinges might have worn down
    • rubber gasket is stuck to the frame and does not let the window close;
    • Handle spindle worn out; 
    • Too much dust on hinges;
    • Your double glazing lock is broken

    Sparrow locksmiths technicians will inspect your window frames, hinges and gaskets and will carry out all necessary maintenance procedures to quickly fix your UPVC windows and install new gearboxes if neccessary 

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